Software & Technology

Software & Technology

Every organization needs a reliable Website. But talk about a technology company and the expectations go way up. On-demand software. High-function Extranets. It should be easy to make everything fast and flawless – technology is your business, after all. But the Internet, the platform you're relying on to make this all happen, is largely out of your control. And you don't want to turn your talent or budget to this task.

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Bell India's solutions for technology companies provide a predictable, high-quality user experience that measurably improves the success of your online activities. Whether your goal is to increase downloading of electronic software or to drive greater adoption of your B2B portal, Bell India can deliver to your customers significantly faster software and page download times, with service levels that guarantee 100% uptime of your Web sites. With Bell India, you can ensure end-users receive a first-class user experience while your online operations stay open for business.

Bell India helps ensure high performance and availability Bell India's managed services make it possible to deliver applications and content quickly and reliably, so you can satisfy end-user expectations and increase transaction levels - without building out costly data centers. Our managed services address core weaknesses of the public Internet, using our platform. The result is better end-to-end performance and availability for content and applications delivered over the Internet.



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