Media & Entertainment

Media & Entertainment

To grow a successful digital media business, companies must address the particular complexities of the digital distribution channel while staying keenly focused on the foundations of any media business — content and audience. Content drives consumption. Bell India helps you get digital media assets to many distribution channels quickly, and to easily manage the related business policies. Your audience is your core asset. Increasing loyalty, keeping customers continuously engaged, and growing online audiences requires a superior experience. Bell India accelerates site performance to deliver faster page loads — putting more content in front of viewers worldwide. Bell India’s specialized technology also helps you provide a high-quality experience with HD content, social networking and user-generated media, to keep viewers coming back again and again.

Visibility & Control Bell India provides detailed analytics that enable new business models, better decisions and new value-added services, including: <Traffic Reports RSS feeds & Syndication Reporting Audience Intelligence Custom Logs and Media Analytics Performance Analytics

Implementation All of Bell India’s offerings are supported by a professional services team. This highly-experienced team of consultants has helped more than 3000 Bell India customers, including large Media & Entertainment companies, build their digital media businesse through a well-established Bell India's Enterprise Service Methodology. Integrates with existing digital production and transcoding workflows Differentiates your offering with high-quality HD video Enables sophisticated reporting and media analytics for Social Networks Provide instantaneous, cost effective infrastructure for uploads and downloads

Bell India helps ensure high performance and availability Bell India's managed services make it possible to deliver applications and content quickly and reliably, so you can satisfy end-user expectations and increase transaction levels - without building out costly data centers. Our managed services address core weaknesses of the public Internet, using our platform. The result is better end-to-end performance and availability for content and applications delivered over the Internet.

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