Business Services

Business Services

Business services organizations - whether delivering business process outsourcing, information services, consulting, staffing, or marketing services - recognize the Internet as a key tool for empowering customers and employees. Customers are demanding 24x7 access to services through secure, reliable Internet portals. Plus, employees working around the country or around the world - often at client sites - rely on online portals for fast, convenient access to critical applications. In fact, portals boost employee productivity by providing remote access to collaboration applications including Microsoft® SharePoint®.

Companies from a wide range of industries — management consulting, accounting firms, law firms, engineering firms, staffing companies, business process outsourcing — all share one thing: the challenge of creating a high quality, differentiated service offering. Business services firms have turned to the Web to create differentiated offerings. Online portals provide users around the world with fast, convenient access to service. But even the most fully featured and easy-to-use portals are only effective if users can access them. Bell India improves the performance of Web applications across the Internet and ensure customers and employees can access your applications.

Bell India's Business Services
  • Drives greater customer satisfaction and lower cost of service by removing barriers to adoption of customer portals worldwide
  • Increases employee productivity by improving performance and availability for “road warriors” accessing critical business applications via the Internet
  • Reduces infrastructure costs by enabling centralized hosting of portals and applications for users across the country and around the world



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