Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance

Customers and clients demand a lot of your online channel, whether your firm focuses on online banking, brokerage services, or asset management.

Online brokerages need to deliver information and transactions quickly. Plus, like banks, brokers need to deliver a variety of services and content to improve customer acquisition and satisfaction. When it comes to online banking, consumers expect a rapid sign-up process and fast access to applications that respond without fail. And firms offering global cash management must ensure a consistent experience, whether their customers are next door or around the globe.

Poor site performance leads to customer dissatisfactionUnfortunately, users experience poorer performance the further they are from centrally hosted websites. Add rich content, transaction-heavy applications, and a geographically dispersed client base to the mix. In the end, customers are dissatisfied and abandon your site due to:

Poor website response Application latency Dropped trades or transactions
How can you leverage the Internet to effectively offer differentiated services and meet customer demands?

Bell India helps ensure high performance and availability Bell India's managed services make it possible to deliver applications and content quickly and reliably, so you can satisfy end-user expectations and increase transaction levels - without building out costly data centers. Our managed services address core weaknesses of the public Internet, using our platform. The result is better end-to-end performance and availability for content and applications delivered over the Internet.






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